The Moving House Checklist Every Home Buyer Needs

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful experience. In fact, it often ranks amongst the most stressful situations you’ll ever have to deal with. This is even more true if you are buying a home. You’re spending an awful lot of money on it, you want to be absolutely certain it’s right. Not just financially and structurally, but that it’s the one for you. A great checklist will help make this experience as easy, and as fun, as possible.


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The Search

  • Plan your budget. How much have you got to spend? Be realistic here.

  • What kind of house do you want?

  • What locations do you want to look at? Is the kind of house you want available in that area in your price range? Or do you need to rethink.

  • Are there any changes in the future you need to consider? Having kids perhaps? Or becoming a two-car family?

  • List any things you know you definitely want from your house. Whether this is a large garden, or a downstairs toilet, list it all.

  • Have another list of things you’d like, but are willing to compromise on.

  • Take all your ideas and meet with some realtors, and a mortgage advisor if necessary.

  • View some houses, and compare as many as you need to, until you find the one that fits all your requirements.

The Offer

  • Look at house sales in the same area, how does the asking price of your house compare? Your realtor will help you here.

  • Meet your mortgage advisor again, and find the best mortgage option for you. You’ll need written confirmation that you can get the money you’re offering.

  • Make an offer.

  • Choose a real estate attorney. They will need to look at the deeds of your house.

  • Arrange for an inspection of the house, your realtor can be present for this and will then arrange for any required changes to be made to the property.

  • If your offer is accepted, set a completion date. If not your realtor will negotiate on your behalf.

The Move

  • Once you have your moving in date, book reliable help, such as from these Charlotte movers.

  • Let all relevant companies know of your change of address. This includes utility providers, doctors, schools and your employer.

  • Start packing. Keep any important documents such as passports in your bag so they don’t get lost.

  • Pack a change of clothes and toiletries for everyone in a separate box or bag that is easy to find.

  • Pack all fragile items safely. Label these boxes “fragile”.

  • Label all boxes with the rooms they belong in.

  • Sign contracts and complete all paperwork. Receive the deeds to your new home.

  • Make any necessary initial payments.

  • Take out insurance for your new home.

  • Arrange child minders or pet sitters for moving day, and perhaps the day after.

  • Collect your keys. Drop off keys for the property you’re vacating.

Once that’s all done, settle in! Get unpacked, put everything where you want it, and enjoy life in your lovely new home. This can be a great experience, and it’s incredibly exciting. Be prepared and organized and you won’t let stress ruin this fantastic time in your life.

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