The Pros and Cons of Home Siding

If you think it is time to protect your home’s exterior, there are a few ways you can go about it. You could paint it, have the exterior redone, or have siding installed. Each of the different ways you can choose to protect your home’s exterior come with their own pros and cons. However, seeing that siding is a very popular option, we are going to look at the pros and cons of having siding installed on your home’s exterior.


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Reduced Maintenance Costs

If you do not have siding installed, the net best option is having the exterior painted. This can be very expensive not to mention that you have to repaint the house every few years. However, apart from aluminum (which is fading in popularity), siding does not have to be painted. Vinyl siding holds its own and fiber cement remains vibrant for a very long time.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining your home’s exterior can be time-consuming and expensive. Having siding installed reduces the amount of time and money you spend taking care of your home’s exterior.

Different Materials To Choose From

Home siding comes in a variety of materials including wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass cement, and more. All of these materials have their own pros and cons and this is why you should talk to siding specialists like Principles Building and Remodeling at to discuss the different types of siding and to settle on one that works best for your home.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Siding makes your home look better and more attractive. It is clean and crisp and comes in a variety of colors so it either matches or beautifully contrasts different parts of your home’s exterior.

Improved Home Value

Improved curb appeal has been shown to increase a home’s value. This is why adding new siding is consistently ranked as one of the best home improvement options. Additionally, new siding can be used to negotiate the asking price up because one could argue that the new homeowner will not have to think about exterior repairs for a long time after moving in.

Installation Costs

A major disadvantage of home siding is that there are installation costs associated with it. Some types of siding such as Stucco and fiberglass cement need professionals to install it. This can drastically increase the cost of having the siding installed.

Repair and Replacement Cost

As your home siding ages, it will need to be repaired and ultimately replaced. Although this can be expensive, the benefits we discussed above will offset the cost.

Siding can Lead To Damage

Although siding can help protect your home’s exterior, some types of siding such as vinyl can lead to water damage. Vinyl siding can trap moisture below its surface, which can lead to the structure rotting or other issues such as mold and termites.

Using siding to protect or beautify your home’s exterior is a wise decision. However, it does come with some advantages and disadvantages. You should weigh these against each other to see if adding siding is a wise idea. Most people would agree the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, though

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