Things to Consider when choosing and installing Sauna Heater Products and a sauna

The first consideration when choosing sauna heater products is the size of your sauna. The internal volume of it will determine what power your heater will need to have, consult the following power chart for more information. You will also need to ensure that it will fit comfortably in the space you have for it. Consider how big do you want your sauna to be a two man or an eight man, bearing in mind the more surface area will be the costlier option to heat. You also need to know how big a stone capacity you will have, this means how much space you have for the stones and thus how many stones you can put in. The general consensus appears to be the more the better! So, go for as many as you can, within affordability boundaries. Each heater will tell you in the product specification how many kilograms of sauna stones you will need to run your heater. Try to get a good deal when buying your heater and ask them to throw some free stones in for you.


Further considerations regarding the heater are whether you want it to be free standing or wall mounted. This is as much about space as personal choice. Be aware that some heaters are designed in a way to encourage that water is poured over them. If you opt for one of these types of heater always read the manufacturers guidelines on ensuring that your stones are arranged in the correct manner for the water to evaporate correctly and that water doesn’t reach the element. The stones are designed to accept ladles of water at regular intervals.


You need to consider how economical the product is going to be and how easy it will be to uphold. It is no use getting the sauna then not being able to afford to use it. You need to decide exactly where you will place your sauna, hidden away in a garage or make it part of the focal point of your house, it makes sense for it to be near a shower or spa pool. Do you have an outdoor space where you could contain it in a glazed area, with beautiful views?


Then there is the cosmetic side of things, how do you want the sauna to look, there are many different finishes or looks for you to choose from.


There are a few safety considerations, remember that your sauna door will have to open outwards so you will need to ensure that it has the space to do this safely and that it will not be blocked by anything or anyone, which could cause injury to them and damage to the sauna. Non-slip floor may be also a desirable feature to avoid slipping, especially if you then intend to take a shower or make your way to a whirlpool etc.


You will obviously need to locate a suitably qualified electrical engineer or electrician to install the heater. You should discuss the power output of your property with them and ensure that the installation of the product will not cause unnecessary problems in your home.


Now go and enjoy your tranquillity in the comfort of your home.

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