Thinking About a Major Home Renovation Project – Where to Find Ideas and Inspiration

For many people whose home isn’t working for them, the solution is to remodel and renovate. Whether it is just one room that needs to undergo major changes, or it’s the whole house, a remodel can completely transform the space and make it the dream home you envisioned.


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Of course, reaching the finishing point is a massive project that requires plenty of planning, research, ideas, and inspiration before you even get started. So where can you find help with these initial stages? Let’s take a closer look.

Visit Your Local Home Shows

A great source of information, tips, advice, ideas, and inspiration is always your local home show. Take, for example, the Minneapolis region that offers the Minneapolis Home and Remodeling Show and the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show. Combined, these two shows can offer you a fabulous starting point for your interior and exterior remodel of your house.

What’s also great about local home shows is that you get a chance to connect with local vendors. These are the vendors and tradespeople currently serving your area, which means they are aware of restrictions, zoning, climate considerations, pricing, etc. Of course, these shows also tend to have a couple of well-known industry experts as a guest speaker, and they are usually well worth checking out.

If you do plan on visiting a local home show such as the one in Minneapolis, it’s a good idea to pick up as many brochures, pamphlets, and business cards as possible. You can then start a file at home of possible vendors and ideas.

Walk Through Your Local Building and Renovation Store

Most major towns and cities have at least one or two major building and renovation stores. This is another fabulous place to get ideas and inspiration. You may want to bring a notebook or file with you to start taking down notes, pricing, and ideas. There are even apps you can install on your smartphone that work almost like an idea or dream board where you can post all kinds of information, including photos.

Be sure to ask lots of questions and get as much information as possible, as this will help you to piece together your design plan and vision.

Use the Internet for Ideas

The internet may just prove to be your most helpful source of information. You can do specific searches such as the most amazing kitchen makeovers, how to transform an old house, increasing your curb appeal, etc. Bookmark all the rooms and ideas that appeal to you so you can go back and refer to them at any point.

Check Out the Homes of Your Family and Friends

Another great source of information is your family and friends. Take a look at their homes, what do you like? Is there anything that they’ve done that inspires you? You can also look at things you don’t care for as this is just as important to be aware of.

With so many great places to find ideas and inspiration it’s only a matter of time before you’re able to put together that dream plan and get started on your project.

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