Tips for Choosing and Decorating New Windows for a Nursery: Some Dos and Don’t

Having a baby is one of the most fascinating moments in your life. But before the baby is born you have to make thousands of arrangements, and crating the right nursery is one of them. If you are only in the beginnings and plan to replace old windows in the room, then read professional tips about choosing and decorating new windows in a new nursery room.


Don’t make floor-length draperies. According to designers of windows in Winnipeg long and floor-length draperies for windows are absolutely useless, because once the toddler gets to them, you can forget about them being nice. Choose shorter versions of draperies to avoid the baby climbing, wiping, and pulling your decorative elements.

Do choose double-hung windows. First of all, double-hung windows are very easy to operate and clean. Secondly, it is impossible for a baby to open them, because there are special locks from babies. Thirdly, double-hung windows offer great ventilation for the space and let much natural light in.

Don’t let curtains upstage the windows. Most frequently curtains reduce the width of the new replacement windows, because they cover a considerable amount of glass even if pulled back. So if you want your room to look nice, light, and have view of the new windows Selkirk designers advise to buy wide-paneled drapes to open the windows and also install the rod’s hardware much further from the windows’ edge. In this way you will allow the curtains to be pulled back without blocking the perfect view from the windows.

Do opt for wooden or vinyl windows. Wooden and vinyl windows can offer the best energy efficiency ratings for your kid’s room. Wooden windows are perfect because of their unique designs and visual appeal, while vinyl windows can offer much more affordable price. Both materials are absolutely safe and ecological for children so you can be sure in their efficiency and effectiveness. In terms of maintenance, Vancouver window cleaning company says that vinyl windows should be your priority as they are absolutely maintenance free, while wooden units do require re-painting and some other maintenance pretty often over the upcoming years.

Do dress up inexpensive roller shades with some fabric. Roller shades are a perfect substitution to the pricy blinds. They are very comfortable because can completely disappear during the day, and so letting in ensuring plenty of sunlight.

Do introduce apattern. With the help of the right pattern in a nursery you will be able to add some nice touch to the room in general, say experts in designing windows Selkirk. Try to be creative and match your baby’s sex with the ornaments and colors of the fabric used for window dressings. To add the final touch to the nursery, make sure that you repeat the patter not only on the curtain, but also on some pillows or decorative elements. According to experts three to four repetitive patterns is enough.

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