Tips for Using Downlights to Make Your Home Look Better

Downlights are becoming more popular these days for several reasons. Some people prefer them because of their sheer elegance. A room looks more sophisticated with the help of downlights. There are also people who prefer these lights because they are easily hidden from view. They simply emit a narrow beam of light instead of being visible on the ceiling.


Cost is also another reason why people prefer using downlights. Yes, they are generally more expensive than regular lighting fixtures, but you will end up spending less money in the long run. Downlights use LED bulbs or other low voltage lights that help you save money on your electric bills.

If you decide to buy downlights and use them for your kitchen, living room or garden, here are a few tips that you should remember.

Number of downlights required

Before you buy downlights, you need to know exactly how many of them you need. Calculate the area of the ceiling (in square feet). Just multiply the length and the width to get the result. The total should then be multiplied by 1.5, which indicates the total wattage required to light up the entire space. Then, divide the total wattage requirement by the bulb rating you decide to use in order to determine how many bulbs you have to buy.

Tall ceilings require fewer downlights

These lights work in such a way that the light is focused in a downward direction. This means that for tall ceilings, there is no need to buy more downlights. Instead, you should choose higher wattage lights so that they are powerful enough to light up the area you wish to be covered.

Ideal spacing

Downlights have to be properly spaced from one another. Placing them 2 feet away from the wall is the ideal option. Remember that you should avoid the creation of shadows by spacing the downlights evenly throughout the room.

Dimming the lights

You may also buy downlights because they can be dimmed. If you want a more dramatic effect, especially when used in the bedroom, these lights are great. They are a smart choice if you want to utilise the lights to improve your overall mood.

With all the benefits that downlights offer, it might be time to consider installing some in your own home. You don’t have to search for these lights in your local stores. Just go online and visit sites like for more information. Choose the right type of light that will match your home and the overall theme that you wish to project. Once this project is done, your home will look much more elegant and interesting.


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