Tips to choose your shed

Garden sheds aren’t just a place where you store your garden equipment; they are also one of the more visible features in your yard. And so, if you are planning on getting a wooden shed installed on your property, you need to take a number of aspects into consideration. Here are some basic tips to choose a shed that will suit your requirements and look great in your shed as well:

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  1. Choose the type and materials

When it comes to shed types, you can choose from shed kits that can be assembled on-site or prebuilt features that only need installation at the location. Some of the commonest materials to choose from include:

  • Wood: Your wooden shed will need more maintenance than most other materials on the market. You would have to waterproof it to prevent water damage and rot and will have to stain it regularly as well. The benefit of a timber shed is that you can easily paint in a color that will match the appearance of your home.
  • Metal- Sheds made of metal are strong and long-lasting; they are often made from aluminum or galvanized steel both of which resist rust and are very durable and low- maintenance too.
  • Vinyl– Sheds made of vinyl are resilient and durable and are very low maintenance features. You can choose from a range of patterns and colors and some companies also manufacture sheds with UV coating to prevent fading.
  • Resin– These features have a double-walled construction which makes them dent –resistant. They also have other elements that add to their functionality and security; however resin sheds are more expensive than most other shed materials because they last longer as well.
  1. Opt for the right features

Here are some features you can consider including in your shed:

  • Storage- The one way to enhance the functionality of your shed is to install smart storage solutions and add-ons; this allows you to organize everything well and you will find that everything has its proper place as well so you can access them easily when needed.
  • Ramps– Some wheeled garden equipment can be unwieldy and heavy; adding a ramp leading up to the door will make it easier for you to get all this equipment into the shed.
  • Skylight and windows– If you want your shed to be airy and bright rather than dingy and dark, you should consider getting a skylight and windows installed in it. While skylights are often looked upon as stylistic features, the natural light they let in makes it easier for you to locate things inside the shed.

Aside from all these features, choose the right kind of shelves and floor covering. You can also look for a shed with a workbench or add one at a later point if you are planning to use the shed for any DIY projects.

  1. Consider the available space

While you are deciding what size of shed to buy, you also need to measure how much space is available in your yard for this feature and buy one that’s proportionate to the available space.

If you aren’t too sure about the look and styling, opt for a wooden shed; this is because wood looks great in any setting and won’t clash with the other features in the yard. It’s also important to check the local bylaws because in some municipalities you may be required to get a permit to install a shed on your property.

There are various models of sheds, ask for advice from professionals. For information on the types of products we offer, call Cabanon Fortin at (514) CABANON (222‑2666). You also have the option to send us your requirement and queries via this online form.


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