Tips to Craft a Patio Paradise

The backyard is an oasis, or at least it should be. If you’re struggling to find a way to maximize your patio space, here’s some tips from The Foam Factory.


Pick a Center

Every outdoor area needs to have a focal point, and once you pick yours, build off of that. For instance, you could have a fire pit in the center, or a pool, or a potted plant, and then select your furniture to compliment those pieces. Just remember to use outdoor foam if you plan on using seating in un-shaded areas.

Choose a Style

Are you going for formal or funky? Functional or relaxed? Pick a theme that goes best with your intended purpose for the outside, and make your design selects based on that overall feel.

Allow for Movement

What is the flow, and where will the high traffic areas be? Furniture can’t be just thrown around without thought; the whole point of a patio is to use it, and it can’t be used if people are tripping over things. Consider an outdoor foam replacement for your ragged old seats if they’re too worn down.

Make it Familiar

A good outdoor space is an extension of who you are, and your design should reflect that. Maybe you want wicker chairs everywhere to minimize the footprint, or maybe you just want a foam mattress or two thrown down for comfort. Whatever it is, make it yours.

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