Top 3 ways to renovate before selling your house

There might be a few things to fix in the house before putting it on the market and you’re maybe wondering if it would be a good idea to take care of business instead of leaving them to the future owners.


Many homeowners looking to sell their property can be tempted to renovate it, hoping to get better offers. But experience shows that it’s not always necessary, or even profitable for that matter.

Generally speaking, it all depends on how big the renovation would be and how much you’d have to spend – it’s usually ill-advised to spend a lot before selling a property, simply because you’re not sure there will be return on investment.

So how can you be sure to avoid a renovation money pit? Here are the top 3 renovation works that will make your house more attractive to home buyers and guarantee better offers.

  1. Noise

There are twice the amount of good reasons to fix your windows if you live in a flat. Potential noise issues are a huge deal breaker for most prospective home buyers, so you’d do well to look into a new set of soundproof windows to avoid offers going down by up to 15%.

Transport noise especially, is known for being one of the biggest property turn-offs and even double glazing can be an effective solution. Expect to spend around  £800 per window.

    2. Energy efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of your property usually brings excellent return on investment. In the current market, home buyers tend to pay much more attention to home energy performance rating charts than ever before.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) grade properties from A to G, with A being the higher score. The higher the rating, the more attractive it should be to prospective buyers, as it indicates lower bills, and less renovation work down the line.

EPCs can cost between £60 to £120 and are compulsory for most buildings when selling a property in the UK. You will be given a list of areas to improve upon after completion of the survey. Things to renovate might include (from less to more expensive):

  • LED lighting

  • Loft insulation

  • Better heating system

  • Wall and floor insulation

3. Breaking walls

A cheap and cheerful way to give more value to your property can simply be to break down some walls. For instance, breaking a kitchen wall to open up the space to the living room.

It might not work every time as it really depends on your property’s set up and style, but it’s an option definitely worth considering, especially if you’re looking to attract younger buyers with a more modern taste.

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