Top Home Security Systems That Can Go With You When You Move

You may have invested a huge amount of money in your home security system. However, what happens to this expensive home security system when you relocate? Can you take the home security system along with you? Let us discover what the top home security companies have to offer you in this regard. Please read on.


Top Home Security Systems That Can Go With You When You Move

  1. FrontPoint: Most of their customers opt for DIY home security systems because they (i.e. these home security systems) are very easy to install. Frontpoint (see my in-depth review here) encourages customers to shift home security systems from one place to the other easily. You can purchase products from the company and install them easily. Their prices are clearly outlined in their website. Once you move to a new location, you can just call the customer service and ask them to re-activate the monitoring system. And, no! You don’t have to worry about any hidden fees. Frontpoint has earned a positive reputation because they don’t do hidden fees, unlike many of their old dinosaur competitors who are trying to catch up to the new, safer, more secure wireless+cellular security systems.
  2. ADT: ADT offers free home security system to customers in their new residence only if a few conditions are met. Their Mover’s Guarantee Package covers existing customers who have been in the good books of the company and have availed their active monitoring services for at least 24 months consecutively. You can secure 25% discount on the purchase of new equipment. Contact them to find out more about such benefits.
  3. Pinnacle Security: If you’re a customer of Pinnacle Security then please be informed that they will not move the security systems for you. However, they will definitely offer you different options based on your agreement. If you are relocating within the first year of the 42-month agreement then you’ll have to pay $99 (installation fee). The length of the agreement will not be extended. If you are moving after the first contracted year, you will not have to pay any fee. However, you will be required to sign a new contract.
  4. Lifeshield: LifeShield is another company which offers DIY wireless home security equipments. Each element of the entire home security unit can be uninstalled easily and shifted to a new place.


There are several factors that customers consider while they’re in the process of selecting a home security company— its experience, the kind of reputation garnered by it (positive or negative), the features of the products offered by it and so on. Now, you should add one more factor to this list of considerations. Ask them if they move home security systems when you’re relocating or not. Don’t forget to ask about the installation charges (while you’re relocating) as well.

I have already provided you a list of the most trustworthy home security companies that offer that offer relevant services. Make sure you are resorting to deeper research if you want to get a home security system very soon. And, please don’t forget to read the contract from professional installers thoroughly.

Stay informed! Stay safe! Best of luck!

Author Bio: Danielle Lew is passionate tech blogger who primarily writes about digital homes, the way the Internet of Things is driving energy efficiency and so on.

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