Top Tips for Moving Home

Everyone moves home at one time or another; in fact, the average person moves around 6 or 7 times in a lifetime. While it’s an exciting time – it can also cause a lot of headaches and stress if not thought out beforehand. Here are some top tips to help make moving day less stressful, and less of a burden on your bank balance.

DIY or professionals?

Your first instinct might be to simply hire a van and ask for help from your friends and family – but is it really the best option? Doing it all will involve a lot of heavy lifting and you’ll probably end the day completely frazzled. However, that’s not to say that you can’t manage smaller items without getting one of the professional removal companies Gloucester offers involved.

If you’re within easy travelling distance of your new home, this is even easier. Plan to make a few quick trips moving essential items a few days before the actual moving day – it will save time, money, and also make your new place seem more homey if there are some of your familiar things there already when you arrive on moving day.

Declutter (show no mercy!)

Yes, this is a great chance to finally get rid of lots of items you really don’t need (and you know it!). You don’t want to be moving anything you don’t really need or want, and it’ll make the whole process quicker and easier if you declutter well in advance. Take the opportunity to sell what you can for some extra cash. Give it away to friends or family or donate items to charity shops, or just dump items in the garbage. Clearing your feet of unnecessary clutter before you start the packing process will make it easier to get done quickly and efficiently.

Packing supplies

If you’re planning to do most of the packing yourself, then plan well in advance; make the rounds of the local supermarkets or stores and ask for boxes you can use for packing. Avoid super large ones as once they’re packed they’ll likely be too heavy to lift. Get plenty of bubble wrap, packing tape, markers and large self-adhesive labels for labelling each box with its contents – it’ll make unpacking even easier.

Box labelling

When it comes to packing, it makes good sense to label the top and sides of all boxes with the rooms they belong to or the contents they contain. When you’ve got a new home full of boxes stacked all over the place, the last thing you want to be doing is clambering over them to see what’s written on the other side – so label all sides and the top. It makes it so much easier.

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