Updating the Exterior of Your Property to Make It More Attractive as a Vacation Rental

With a vacation home, it’s about a comfy place to relax or entertain that matters to vacationers. If they can picture themselves sitting outdoors on the plush sofa with a landscape garden off in the distance, you’ve almost secured the next booking right there. When they enjoy entertaining friends or guests, then areas that suit holding an informal gathering in style works well too.


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Here are some suggestions for the exterior of the property to boost its appeal to vacationers who like to rent their own accommodation for a short-term stay.

Outdoor Seating Areas to Relax

Having plenty of outdoor space to sit or lay down and sink into is high on the priority list of vacationers. Whether they’re interested in the sun loungers to catch some rays while reading their latest Kindle book purchase or sitting waiting for the barbequed food to be ready, enjoying time outdoors beats sitting in their office!

Make sure the patio furniture can be put away easily or the seating fabric is removable, to avoid it getting damaged in the rain. You’ll need a solution to avoid moisture damage without making it extra work for the renters.

Landscape Gardening and Excavating

A landscaped garden makes a lawn and garden area more inviting both to view and walk around in. What most people don’t realize though is that excavating is key to pulling off a landscaped garden that functions well and won’t flood when it rains. Water drainage is an important part of the puzzle. The path that water will follow and where it will eventually drain into is important to avoid flowers getting an excess of rain water and dying off.

Extra care much be taken when the garden slopes downwards towards the home, rather than being flat or sloping away from the home. Ultimately, too much water with nowhere to go could travel into the soil and affect the foundations over time. Therefore, the question of drainage is one to address carefully to ensure the rental home doesn’t have this issue. Get in a specialist to help resolve it before it does any serious damage to the value of the home.

Curb Appeal for Photo Appeal

The front of the home is also important because it’s often the first photo that potential renters will see. Even if they won’t pull up to the roadside until they’ve already placed a booking and traveled into town, the curb appeal helps form a lasting impression.

While the front yard doesn’t have to be anything special, what it should be is neat and tidy. Well-tended plants and a carefully mowed lawn along with an attractive porch go along way to crystalize initial thoughts about the place. Colorful plants here and there, and a clean pathway up to the front door makes the home immediately inviting.

Keeping your rental property full booked for the season is all about presentation. While the interior matters too, when you don’t have the exterior presented well, you’ll lose renters before they see what the inside has to offer.

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