Using Windows to Their Full Advantage for Shift Workers

Some people compare it to having permanent jet lag; others just have to get on with it. Shift working is no easy game and if you are someone who has to work varying hours, you’ll fully appreciate the difficulties in forming a proper sleeping schedule.

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Some of you may have mastered it instantly; while others find it so hard that they have to find a completely different profession. If you happen to fall into the latter, or just find it plain difficult to try and adapt your sleeping habits accordingly, it’s time to read on. We haven’t developed any sort of magic pill that can allow you to switch between daytime and nighttime work at a whim, but if you use your windows shrewdly you can make life much easier.

When we talk about using windows efficiently, we’re really referring to the ability to make your room into a sleep haven. While it’s not the only reason why some people struggle with the demands of shift employment, if you can’t muster a good night’s sleep then you have lost the battle already. Using window treatments, you can give yourself the best possible chance of getting those solid eight hours.

Cutting to the chase, how do we create that perfect sleeping environment? To start with, it’s common knowledge that a pitch-black room is the sure-fast way to achieve this. Scientists have found that complete darkness is the best way to encourage quality sleep, so using a window blind that can promote this is one of the easiest alterations you can make. Blackout blinds unsurprisingly fit the bill and considering the fact that these have been donning the market for years, you don’t have to spend a small fortune installing them.

While the light factor is always going to be significant when it comes to sleep, one should never forget the temperature either. If you are the type of person who tosses and turns due to the hot room on an evening, turning to a solution that can at least curb the temperature could be advisable. Solar shades and insulated shades are both able to protect a room from the heat, although if you are happy to forgo light during the day you can also use a blackout blind again to shut out the hot UV rays.

For those who are looking to completely perfect their room, the above options can be combined with a motorized system. This will primarily benefit those bedrooms which need some form of temperature regulation, but using a programmable timer during the day when you are out of the house can be the sure-fire way to block out the powerful rays ready for when you do return to bed.

We’ve only tackled a couple of bedroom factors here; lightness and temperature. However, if you can perfect these, there’s no reason why you can’t at least improve the way your body deals with your changing shift patterns and live a much more productive life because of it.


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