What Floor is Best for a Rental Property?

If you’ve got a property that you rent out, you’ll be well aware of the things you need to consider before letting to tenants. Undoubtedly, you’d have considered the insurance, maintenance, the decor….and of course the flooring! Flooring is something that a landlord should keep in mind as not picking the right floor could be a mistake you later regret. There are a few different factors you need to think of when picking the right floor for the property.

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You can’t predict the kind of tenants you could have. They could be a big family with heavy footfall or a group students who will likely not be the tidiest of tenants. In any case you need a floor that is incredibly durable and won’t easily become damaged from scratches or spillages. Similarly, you want a floor that can withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations with ease to make sure it can handle whatever your tenants can throw at it.


Cost is of course something that will be on your mind. With the extra expense of managing your own property plus this rental one, you ideally want a floor that has all of the previously mentioned properties at a reasonable price. While carpet is quite cheap, it is not the most hygienic flooring and you will have to change it far more regularly compared to other floors. Laminate floors on the other hand are a great example of how a cheap product can be aesthetically pleasing while at the same also hardwearing and water resistant. It can also be installed with underfloor heating and when paired with insulating underlay, can help to cut back on those energy bills.


Another floor you should have a look at is vinyl floor tiles. These are often the cheapest floors on the market but don’t let that put you of. Vinyl floor tiles aren’t the rolls of vinyl you might be imagining. With continuing advancements in manufacturing, vinyl floor tiles are sold in solid wood style planks that make installation quick and easy. Because it is made of plastic, it is totally resistant to water and is great for houses with a high level of traffic. Since it is plastic it’s fairly hard to scratch, so if you are allowing your tenant to have animals, this would be one less thing to worry about. Vinyl has also the advantage of being very hygienic. It doesn’t collect any dust and or allergens as a carpet would and since it is made of plastic, mopping the floor will be enough to keep the floor neat and clean. As for the looks, vinyl is available in lots of designs and styles, so gives you an abundance of choice.


So there you have it, some features you need to look fir in a floor you are considering to install in your rental property.

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