When Should You Repair or Replace your Air Conditioning Unit?

It can be difficult to decide on whether you’re going to repair or replace your air conditioning unit. There can be moments when you think that your AC won’t survive another day, but only to find out that it just requires a little tinkering in order for it to work again. If you’re an AC owner, encountering this kind of issue come about from time to time. Why not put an end to your endless doubts today? Here is a guide on when to exactly replace or repair your air conditioning unit:

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When to Repair Your AC?

If you air conditioning unit is still less than 10 years old, but it’s already out of the warranty duration, you can actually try repairing it by buying the parts that are broken or contacting a repair team. Here are some of the most common signs that depict a broken AC:

  • If your Thermostat is Inconsistent

If you notice yourself constantly adjusting your thermostat because the room temperature doesn’t stay consistent, then you should call a repair team to let them check if your AC’s thermostat is broken.

  • If it’s making Noises

Loud noises are a sure sign that there is something wrong with your AC. However, this could vary depending on what kind of sound it’s making. Here are some of the most common noises that you can hear from a broken AC:

  • Whistling Noises– This is due to duct blockage.
  • Rattling Noises– This is caused by broken components hitting your AC.
  • Humming Noises- This is a sign that the motor fan is broken.
  • Clanging Noises- This could be loose fan blades.
  • Popping Noises- This can be caused by air clogging issues on the AC filters.
  • If you have Changes in your Electric Bills

Aside from all the other observable signs, having a high electric bill should also be a signal that your AC is broken. If your AC usage has a limit, and yet you’re still receiving an insanely high bill, then you must hire an expert to see if you need to repair your AC.

When to Replace Your AC?

  • If It’s over 15 Years

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the usual lifespan of an air conditioning unit is within 10 to 15 years. Owning one for more than the recommended years will only mean trouble and a lot of unnecessary visits to the repair shop. Check the manufacturing labels of your air conditioning unit and see if it’s high time to replace it or just repair it.

  • If Its Repair Cost is High

Sure, you can repair your AC anytime, but you don’t always have to take this option. It’s very common for repair costs to actually be more expensive than just buying a new AC unit. However, only do this once you are sure of the costs you’re going to spend. Certainly, you’d want to take the cheapest route, so you should check the market value of the most recent air conditioning unit around the town.

  • If your Energy Bill Keeps Rising

If you keep on yapping about your current electric bills, then this must be your old AC’s fault. Having an ancient AC cooling your house means that you’re missing out on the newer models. The latest air conditioning units out in the market are certainly more energy-efficient. For instance, the latest fujitsu air conditioning unit is a great model to buy when you want a stylish AC that is not only modern but is also an energy saver.

  • If It has Troubles Keeping Up

What is the point of keeping an air conditioning unit at home if it can’t keep up with the house’s necessity? Most of the time, ACs that are quite old will have trouble in cooling a room. No matter how long you turn it on, it’ll most likely just produce a humid air. This is natural for all air conditioning units since wear and tear is an inevitable effect on all machines. If this happens a lot to you, then it’s about time that you buy a replacement AC now.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to know when to repair or replace an air conditioning unit. Knowing this will definitely make you save money in the long run. Apply this guide and see if your AC needs a repair or a replacement.



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