Why are LED light bulbs the best way to save energy?


LED lights are an economical choice when it comes to low energy illumination. Initially they cost higher than regular CFLs and incandescent but in the long run, they guarantee savings. That is the reason why most commercial structures are adopting redesigned lighting using LEDs these days.

Ever speculated why our electric bills are going up every month? The root cause is our home’s lighting system.

LED: The Solution

A redesigned lighting system that involves LEDs reduces the energy usage massively. The expenses come down drastically. There are visible battery savings for many years to come. That is the reason why they have a huge dominance in carious devices like torches, lamps, backyard lights, Christmas illumination etc. By emitting a negligible amount of heat, these lights illuminate brightly. The lumen capacity is sufficient and no different from CFLs and incandescent lights.

Points to note

  • These lights last for up to 50 times longer than incandescent lights and up to ten times that of a fluorescent light.

  • In this age of low energy and energy efficient lights, LEDs are the best commercial lighting fixtures available.

  • Their prices have been consistently falling due to heavy demand in the market today. Large scale buyers include industries, factories and corporate offices. Complete LED lighting designs have been taken up in these firms. In the coming five years this initial investment will get easily covered.

  • LEDs illuminate without baking the room! Yes, they give a cool illumination. That’s why they can be put up on wooden walls and roofs. They reduce A/C loads. How? Simply by emitting a cooler illumination that does not increase the room temperatures in warm weather areas. It has been noted that A/C consumptions might reduce by 25%.

  • The illumination is healthy and has no UV emission.

  • For specific lighting needs there are various solutions available based on color and CRI. They can be combined for special effects and fun lighting!

  • At times just reducing the number of light fixtures in the building with some strategically spaced bulbs provides a more comfortable design and saves energy too.

  • Most of the LEDs come with a 50000 hour life span. They come with a lifetime warranty too!

  • This efficient lighting system reduces individual carbon footprint that has many advantages in countries like U.S.

Bulk savings in domestic lighting come from LEDs. Appearance wise also they are no different from an ordinary incandescent light or a halogen bulb. But the difference in energy savings is massive.

For immediate energy efficient lighting solutions , some companies provide brand new lighting systems that involves cutting edge technology offered by LEDs. These are produced through intensive research and development. The reductions are guaranteed with value added services from a team of experts who toil hard to provide you with the best fixtures for your premises. All products are in line with appropriate lighting standards and all fixtures are often fitted only after an energy audit of the building. The audits vary in scope and complexity from structure to structure.

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