Why having a pool won’t break your budget

Gone are the days that pools and leisurely sun bathes are restricted to the upper class. Although times are tough and we all feel the need to cut our budgets here and there, having a swimming pool area in your garden is actually an extremely affordable investment. All you need to do is follow the right steps from the beginning, and all the hard work of installing a pool into your sunny South African garden will pay off in no time.

Swimming pool

One of the numbers that will shock you on your new investment is the building price. Luckily, there are companies today that offer DIY installation packages, which can really save you a fortune. Not only can you choose to do the project yourself, you could also look for a third party contractor who quotes you on a number that you feel more comfortable with.

The next thing that people start to contemplate is the maintenance costs, as well as the fact that pools can be the culprit of high electricity bills. However, there are many ecologically responsible ways to ensure that your pool system isn’t wasting your money and electricity. Flow pumps, automation remotes and pool covers are some of the cost effective steps that will ensure that your pool is energy efficient. As for maintenance itself, choosing a fibreglass shell promises strength as well as flexibility, minimising chips and cracks on the pool surface.

Using a SmartpoolD3 system is another way that you can ensure that your pool will pay itself off. This pool management system will save you 45% on your pool’s electricity usage per year. This pool management system also makes use of a distribution board, pool automation as well as a remote control system. The remote system will help you control your pool pump (you can even use this remote to dim and brighten your LED lights) while the temperature and power system controls water temperature adjustments and will protect your equipment from power spikes and surges.

You may want to read more on building pools as well as understanding minor and major pool renovations and repairs for a happy summer of swimming and fun.

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