Why Pool Service is Necessary in Arizona

Admiral Pools will help keep both your pool and family healthy! Not every pool owner understands the benefits of hiring an aqua servicing company. Just because a pool looks clean, doesn’t always mean it is. Admiral Pools’ experienced, top-notch technicians will make sure no problem, or even potential problem, is ever ignored. And we will provide your water feature with a clean “bill of health” each time we clean it. Your pool will not only look beautiful, clean and healthy; it will be beautiful, clean, and healthy. We care about you and your family as we do about all of our customers. We want to do the dirty work of keeping your pool shimmering, healthy, and beautiful.


We act with the health of you and your family in mind each and every time we inspect your pool. What do we mean by this? Everybody loves and respects the beauty of a sparkling, blue pool. However, just because it appears to be clean and clear does not mean it deserves a clean bill of health. Without a clean bill of health from knowledgeable technicians like our own, there is no guarantee that the pool will not harm the health of those enjoying the pool. Without qualified, experienced professionals like ours cleaning the water, it is likely your pool has developed pathogens, which can harm swimmers. Pathogens emerge even before people notice dirt unless you have a service maintaining the water. Pathogens can lead to other bacteria and spread disease to those using your water. Do not risk the health of your family and friends. Let Admiral Pools ensure the health of your pool and those around it.

Many pool owners do not understand what can happen if a pool is out of balance or over or under chlorinated. Water health relies on a delicate balance of chemicals, which can be affected by rain, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants. Also, the chemicals can affect one another. If the pool is too high in one chemical, the problem can result in another being chronically low. For instance, cyanuric acid (CYA) is used to stabilize chlorine. Without it, it can be hard to maintain healthy chlorine levels on days with tons of sun and lots of swimmers. Surprisingly, when CYA levels are too high, chlorine levels can dip below the level necessary to kill algae and bacteria. pH balance and water hardness also need to be kept within certain parameters, or you may have a sick pool on your hands. If a pool is too alkaline, you will likely get cloudy or green water, which can cause eye irritation. Very hard water can create a kind of plaque in the heating and plumbing systems. These are just a few things to watch out for, and this balance can be tough to achieve if you are not sure about what you are doing. Leave the beauty and health of your pool to the professionals at Admiral Pools.

Like the living people that inhabit the pool, the pool itself is a complex, interdependent system that should be maintained by experts. The pool’s pump, like a heart, keeps the valves, pipes and jets functional. If something becomes dirty or malfunctions, the rest of the system can be affected, impacting the cleanliness and health of the pool, and possibly causing expensive damage to your investment in your family’s fitness and fun.

Feeling safe in your pool, especially considering how heavily it is used here in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area, ensures that every swimmer that enters your pool can enjoy themselves and leave healthy. For over three decades, Admiral Pool’s technicians have been keeping Valley pools in the best condition. We are passionate about taking care of all our clients and look forward to helping you keep your pool beautiful and healthy. We are happy to service your hot tub, pool, or spa, making sure to provide you with friendly, top quality pool service in scottsdale and phoenix.

To keep your pool in tip-top shape and ensure the health of your swimmers, let the expert, well-trained, caring technicians at Admiral Pools maintain your pool. Do not hesitate to book your appointment with Admiral Pools. Call now to schedule, today!

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