Why Real Estate Investment Is The Best Place For Your Cash

When it comes to investing your money there are so many options in front of you that it can be hard to know which one to choose. Do you enter into the stock market? Look to make high returns on the futures market? Trade currency?It all comes down to knowledge really, perhaps trading is something that comes naturally to you in which case that is where you should be heading with your money. For most people however they want to invest in an area with the highest possibility of return and the lowest risk, the best option therefore is real estate.


Real estate is a thriving business which gives many investors and successful real estate brokers like Chase Rubin the perfect opportunity to make solid profits, steady income and security in their investments. Let’s take a look at exactly why you should be investing in real estate.

Easy Financing

Regardless of how much money you have to invest, you can easily get finance from the bank to further enhance your investment power. Banks have a soft spot for real estate such is the low-risk attached with the market and they will freely hand out money to people with good finances and plans to invest in the housing market.

Plenty of Options

Unlike stocks and shares their are lots of different options for how you can profit from your real estate investment. You could plan to go into flipping properties, a short term plan that sees you buy properties at a low price and turn them around for a small profit, you could look longer term and buy properties with a view of letting them out, this will see steady monthly income on your return. You could look to use your property for seasonal lettings or you could utilize the property for financing.

The Control is All Yours

Whilst you will be at the whim of the housing and rental market to an extent, the control of the property is all yours, if you want to alter it or change rental prices then you can do so as you wish. You amy use a broker to buy the property but once it is yours you have complete freedom over what you do with it.

Supply Rarely Meets Demand

Unless you own property in Chernobyl then there will always, always be a demand for housing and history has shown that the supply rarely, if ever, meets the demand. The World population is growing and governments are not building sufficient housing which means that there will almost always be someone that is looking to buy or rent your properties.

Safer Place For Your Money

Whilst the housing industry can move up and down, it is far less volatile and risky than financial markets and it is by far the safest place to invest your money. If the housing market drops and you find yourself in some negative equity there is no reason to sell, you can sit tight and wait for the market to pick back up again and it will, because it always does.

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