Why Should you get a Home Warranty

We have come to notice that most people are not exactly familiar with the concept of home warranty these days. But it is essentially the same concept as the warranty you get when you buy gadgets and appliances, i.e. you can have anything in your house repaired for a small fee anytime it breaks down.

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If you still need more convincing as to why you should get a home warranty, here are some of the best reasons we can give you:

It Saves a Lot of Money

Whenever something in your house breaks down on you, be it your garbage disposal or your microwave, you usually have a guy come over and look at it. Most often it is a person with a self-service who charges a decent amount of money to get your work done.

When you have a home warranty, you have a lot of company-certified technicians available to you who can do your job and charge only a small fraction of the fee that your usual service guy will charge you.

There are many Technicians At your Service

It is really difficult to find a reliable person to service your house and gadgets and once you do you rely on him or her to fix everything. This one person usually has other clients and other personal responsibilities to take care of so it becomes difficult for them to come to your aid immediately each time.

When you have a home warranty though, there are hundreds of technicians available at every time and they will make sure to have a go at your problem as soon as possible.

You Don’t Know When Your Appliances will Fail you

We all try to buy the best appliances so they will work for as long as possible without failing us, but the reality is that even the best appliances need help and repair at times.

So even if you don’t know when that will be, it is best to have a good plan to fall back on when they do. For example, it may be easy to survive without an oven for a couple of weeks but can you really make do when your HVAC system goes out right in the middle of the scorching summer heat?

It is something to think about!

It Covers Amenities Even Insurance Doesn’t

With a home warranty plan you can have anything covered from your everyday appliances to your Jacuzzi and even pool. So unlike your insurance plan you do not have to look for a different person to secure all your amenities, they can be taken care of by one company easily.

You can Sign up Anytime

The thing with home warranty is that it is not important for you to sign up when you buy your house. It doesn’t matter how long you have had your house, you can sign up whenever you want.


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