Your Essential Guide to Four Home Lighting Options – and How to Maximise Them

Your home is not simply a place where you reside – it’s a place where you breathe, where you work, where you rest, where you can be yourself, and where you plan your future dreams and aspirations. Your home is a place where you live; where you enjoy life. It’s for this reason that most people invest in their homes and try to make the most of them.

Lighting is an important aspect of this – although it is often underestimated and, frankly speaking, misunderstood. Just like each room of the home will have a different kind of furniture, so should each room in the home have different kinds of lighting if it is to become a wonderful dwelling where people feel comfortable and productive. Here’s your essential guide to the four lighting options you have for your home – and how to maximise them.


Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is what you experience as ‘general’ lighting. It’s the kind of lighting that will illuminate the room in general. It doesn’t really have a specific purpose (except for making sure you don’t bump into things). However, it does have a great impact. The colour of the ambient lighting (bright white or subdued yellow, for example) can make a big difference in the mood you are creating in that specific area.

Task lighting

This kind of lighting helps you do a specific job at a specific location. In essence, it’s a light that shines on a particular area, so you can perform a particular task. This is very important when you think of the bathroom (makeup or shaving), the kitchen (cutting and frying), and other areas of the house (such as the library or the study).

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting should be considered a luxury – it is there only to look good. Decorative lighting draws attention and should be considered a piece of art. Examples: the opulent chandelier that provides little light, the wall-mounted lanterns that can only be seen at night.

Accent lighting

Do you want to draw attention to beautiful pieces of art? Accent lighting takes care of that.

The key aspect here is to understand that in every room all four kinds of lighting should be present, but to what degree will vary from area to area, as lighting specialists Aurora Lighting agree. The different kinds of lighting are intertwined and can be used either independently or together in a form of art. Furthermore, never forget that natural lighting – that from the sun coming through the windows – is the healthiest and should be used to its full advantage whenever possible. When it comes to lighting, think in layers; understand the room, its function and its purpose, and don’t be afraid to experiment.



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